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HDD versus SSD

Data storage comes in two types of technology:
First, is a hard drive (HDD) which has been around for the last 50 years.
Second type is the solid state drive (SSD) introduced 10 years ago and has dramatically increased the performance of modern computers.

A hard drive is mechanical, and uses small parts to to seek out data stored magnetically on a spinning platter.

Compare this is an SSD that uses flash memory to store and access data. As a result an SSD can run your programs and access your data almost instantaneously.

The flash technology translates to dramatically fast boot times, better multi tasking, quieter operation and better system cooling.As SSD's don't have small moving parts, they are harder to break and there is much less risk of drive failure.
However, this performance increase comes at a higher cost and isn't available in capacities higher than one terabyte.
If you need more storage space, then choose a hard drive. However if you want to make your computer like new, get almost instant load times, run applications faster, then upgrade to an SSD.

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