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How to clone your hard drive using Acronis Trueimage HD

This guide is written for the Upgradeable PC customer purchasing an SSD and cloning their current drive to the new SSD. The information is skewed to that user, however most of the info is generic and serves as a good guide for any user wanting to clone a hard drive.

Please note this is a guide for PC users. We have a Mac cloning guide using SuperDuper!
When you order an SSD for a PC from Upgradeable, all the information on this page is included in our custom booklet "Upgradeable Installation Guide".

Before You Begin
We recommend using our Notebook or Desktop Installation Kits. They include a CD copy of Acronis True Image HD to clone your system to the SSD. The Acronis CD will appear blank when viewed from Windows. It is designed to boot your computer before Windows to avoid the operating system locking your hard drive. Most PCs are set up to boot from the CD or DVD drive if a disc is present. If your PC boots into Windows despite the Acronis CD being in the drive, please consult your owners manual on how to trigger your PC's Boot Menu.

Step 1
Your PC should boot into the Acronis language selection menu. Choose an appropriate language (e.g. English) to continue. DO NOT select Windows.

Step 2
Click the Clone Disk option.

Step 3
Select Automatic for the clone mode. Click Next

Step 4
Select your existing hard drive as the Source Disk and click Next.

Step 5
Select the SSD as the Destination Disk and click Next.

Step 6
Click Proceed to begin the cloning process.

Step 7
A progress bar will indicate the cloning process is under way.

Step 8
When complete, click OK.

Final Steps

- There's no need to exit Acronis. Simply power down your PC and unplug the SSD and cloning cable.
- Replace your hard drive with the newly cloned SSD according to your owner's manual.
- Power on your PC and allow it to boot to the Desktop.
- Windows will recognise your SSD automatically and may install additional files or drivers.
- You may be asked to restart the system to apply any changes.
- If file indexing is enabled, your PC may run slowly while this process completes in the background.
- Finally, check that Disk Write Caching has been disabled for your SSD. This will allow your SSD to perform at it's fastest! For more information see Microsoft article