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How to clone your Mac hard drive to a new SSD

This guide is written for the Upgradeable Apple customer purchasing an SSD and cloning their current drive to the new SSD. The information is skewed to that user. On the menu to your right, we have more specific guides for the different Apple models: Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac pro and Mac Mini.
This is a guide for Mac users. We have a PC cloning guide using Acronis.
Please note: this process cannot be used to clone a Windows partition created by Boot Camp. We recommend WinClone by Twocanoes Software. It is commercial software requiring a license to use, however it is not affiliate with our company.
When you order an SSD for a Mac from Upgradeable, all the information on this page is included in our custom booklet "Mac Edition Installation Guide".

Before You Begin
Your new SSD needs to be initalised. This means connecting it to your Mac. We recommend using one of our SATA to USB cables You can also use any Mac compatible drive enclosure or docking station that allows you to connect the SSD to your Mac.

· When a connection is made, a pop-up message will state "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer." Click the Initialize button.
· The Disk Utility will open and list the SSD amongst your other drives. Highlight the SSD and click the Partition tab.
· Click the Options... button and ensure "GUID Partition Table" is selected. Click OK.
· Under Partition Layout, select 1 Partition if you want to use the entire SSD as a single partition (default on most Macs).
· Under partition Information, give the SSD a suitable name (e.g. Macintosh SSD) or accept the default name. Ensure the Format is set to Mac OS Extended (Journaled).
· Click Apply to confirm these settings and wait for the SSD to be partitioned and formatted. A progress bar will indicate when it is complete.
· Quit the Disk Utility.
· The SSD should now be visible on your desktop with the new name you gave it.

Download and use SuperDuper! by Shirt Pocket
· Open your Web Browser and point it to //
· Click the download link and save the file on your Mac's Desktop.
· When complete, double click on the downloaded file to expand it's contents.
· In the expanded window, double click the SuperDuper! icon to install and run on your Mac.
· To begin the cloning process, choose your source (Macintosh HD) and destination (Macintosh SSD) drives.
· Click Copy Now to begin.
· You will be notified when it is complete.

Final steps
1. Quit SuperDuper! and power off your Mac.
2. Disconnect the SSD from your Mac and remove any attached cables or enclosures.
3. Replace your Hard Drive with the SSD according to your Mac's owners manual.
4. Power on your Mac and allow it to boot to the Desktop
5. Spotlight will start re-indexing files in the background. This process may take up to 1 hour to complete.
6. During this time, your Mac will be slow but still usable. Once complete, your Mac will be super fast!