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Where are the installation videos?

Upgradeable is not a typical e-commerce website. It is built as a configurator. This means we list models, you find your model of computer, and we show you what upgrades are available.

We started listing memory upgrades only, however we are expanding into hard drives, SSDs, enclosures, batteries and our goal is to list all products that will extend the life of your computer.

Some upgrades are more complicated than others, therefore we have started embedding installation videos within our product pages. They are provided as a resource to our upgradeable community.

First find your model by using our search box or clicking through from brand (apple) to model series (Macbook Pro) to your specific model.

finding videos on the model page

Once you have found your model, scroll down the page until you see the Upgrade Guide section. There should be red Video. text with a link.

finding videos on the model page

Click on the link to make the video appear.

finding videos on the model page

There are no videos for my model!

We have over 20,000 models in our database, so not all models have installation videos. You can contact our staff for installation advice or search Youtube. Type your model with either "ram installation" or "hard drive installation" and you should find a video that will outline how to do the upgrade.

If you find a video worth sharing or should be added to our community resource, please contact us with all the details.