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(2x2GB) HP compatible kit

Brand: Micron

Memory Size: 4GB

Part No: UH2378

Modules per upgrade: 2

Memory Spec: DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz ECC Fully Buffered (Shld) 240-PIN UDIMM

Detailed Specifications

HP Part No: 442823-B21, EM161AA, 397413-B21, 397413-B21 (HP-Compaq), 442823-B21 (HP-Compaq), EM161AA (2pcs) (HP-Compaq)

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New Zealand company
We are a New Zealand company. We use BNZ to charge in NZ dollars, we have an Auckland address for returns and service, however, all product is shipped from an Australian warehouse direct to you. We do this to offer a larger range of products.
Local address
We have a local address, so you can return any items locally. Currently customers can not pick up their orders, everything is shipped direct.
Lifetime Warranty
Our RAM warranty is simple. Lifetime. If it does not work, we will replace it. No exceptions. We have had the same warranty for over 16 years.
17 years in business
Upgradeable began selling memory in the year 2000. We are one of the original computer ecommerce websites in Australia. We opened the New Zealand website not long after. You are buying from a company guaranteed to be here in the future to service your warranty.
Guaranteed to work
Our upgrades are tested and exceed your computer manufacturer's specifications. That is why we can guarantee compatibility, we know it will work. If you are unhappy in any way, return the product within 14 days for a full refund.
Printed instructions
Our products ship with printed instructions. We have guides for ram installation RAM and more detailed information for SSDs. If you need more help than the sent instructions, you can call our technical support.
No payment surcharges
There are no payment surcharges. There are no hidden costs in our pricing. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. No 3% foreign currency bank fee when you buy locally in Australia.
Local technical support
We have free technical phone support to help you navigate your install. We love helping customers, solving problems and answering questions.
Courier Shipping
We ship via a premium courier service. The delivery is made by NZ Post Courier. You can ring NZ Post direct to get specific delivery update with the tracking number we provide.

Is this upgrade compatible with my computer?

We guarantee our memory is 100% compatible with your computer. How can we make such a bold claim? It is combination of quality product, vast industry knowledge and experience and the Upgradeable system we built to help customers find an upgrade for their specific computer.

You may have noticed our website is different from any other. It is not your typical eCommerce web shop. We do not get a list of products and categorise them, making you do all the work = which is the best upgrade? Our website is a configurator. We have taken all guess work out of buying an upgrade. Our technicians and engineers match the right memory upgrade to every computer we list. We do this in a unique way, which is the Upgradeable secret sauce. Our history and experience is in designing and manufacturing of computer components. In fact, in 1990's we were the first company to make a third party memory module in Australia at The Research Park, Bond University in Queensland. We have condensed all that experience into a system that rates a components quality. If it meets Upgradeable's stringent quality guidelines, then we list it as an available upgrade. That is why we can offer a lifetime warranty, and fast delivery. Who loses if it is not compatible? We do because we pay for the shipping charges and you get a full refund or advanced replacement!

Our goal is to delivery the right upgrade the first time. Look at our reviews, they say we deliver on what we promise.

Brand: Micron
Capacity: 4 GB
Module or Kit: Kit
Clock Speed:
Data rate:
Registered or Buffered:
240 PIN
667 MHz
Fully Buffered (Shld)
Average Customer Rating:
3.8 (1 customer reviews)
Upgradeable 4GB
How happy were you with your purchase?: 4/5
How well did we keep you informed about your order?: 4/5
How likely would you recommend us with a colleague or friend?: 4/5

Reviewed Anonymously
Jun. 23, 2014

Lifetime Warranty

All RAM upgrades supplied by Upgradeable have a lifetime warranty.
Our definition of lifetime warranty is: If the product ceases to work at anytime, you can return it for a replacement. Simple. No if's, no but's. Our RAM will out last your computer. We have had the same warranty since year 2000. It has never varied or been modified. Our competitors have played catch up and matched our warranty but they can never match our service. We don't provide a lifetime warranty as a gimmick, it is a statement on the values of our company, our goal of exceptional customer service and the quality of the products we supply.

Three year SSD warranty
Unlike a standard RAM upgrade, an SSD does have a limited life cycle. A flash drive has limited write cycles. If you write 50 terabytes a day on a Crucial SSD it will last for 5 years. The warranty we provide is 3 years. As we source directly from Micron, our products are not grey marketed, and you have the extra assurance of returning the product locally to Micron. Our faulty SSD return policy is to make it as simple as possible for the customer. We will replace faulty drives as soon as they are returned.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee
When we started Upgradeable, we needed to assure customers our RAM would make a difference. What if the RAM upgrade did not speed up your computer? The answer is you can return the memory for a full refund. We chose 14 days because we thought that was a reasonable time frame. We have never refused a refund that has been a reasonable time past 14 days, such as 21 days or 30 days. If you are not happy with the RAM upgrade, we don't want to make your day worse by saying no to a refund. In fact, everything we list we stock, so if you dont want it, we restock it. This is a point in difference to most Kingston resellers. They don't stock the product, they are selling from someone else's warehouse. Which is why they don't like refunds.

Our money back guarantee is about your assurance that the RAM will make a difference. If is not about how many days, it is about customer service and trust. We have had the same guarantees for 16 years because they are sustainable. We plan to be here servicing our customers for more than the next 16 years!


Printed instructions with every order

We provide general printed instructions with all RAM upgrades. If you order a SSD we send cloning and install guides. If you provide us with your model name and make we will send printed installation guides for that model, to help you install your new SSD

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