Return Policy and Warranty Information

At Upgradeable, we have available dedicated memory testing equipment to batch test all memory upgrades we stock, a majority of the memory upgrades returned to us do not actually have a fault. Please review our Support Portal which can usually help solve a majority of problems that our customers may experience with their Upgradeable memory upgrade.
For further assistance, please contact us.

Returns Procedure

All customer returns must have an Upgradeable RMA (Return Material Authorisation) number. To request a RMA number, please contact us and you will be issued a number and be provided with the necessary details to return the product. This number is important for everyone involved as it helps trace the issue if there are further problems.

Returned products should be shipped at your expense to the following address:
Upgradeable - RMA# _________
Level 13, 92 Albert Street
Auckland 1010
For your own security, your courier should issue a tracking number and collect a received signature upon delivery.

Hey ya bastards, I'm not paying for shipping, who will pay?
If the product is Dead On Arrival, see procedure below. Basically contact our office and we will ship a replacement with a return shipping label.
If you are return for a refund, I'm sorry you have to pay the shipping cost.
If you are returning to claim warranty, here is the deal. We split the cost. You pay to return the product, and we will ship, for free, a replacement.
If you ordered the wrong product, please call the office and we'll sort it out. Each situation if different, we can't guarantee free replacement, but we'll make the process as hassle free as possible. 

Warranty Information

All computer memory upgrades sold by Upgradeable are covered by a Lifetime Warranty against faults and defects, which means Upgradeable memory can be returned at any time for replacement or repair. The exception is our Flash and Solid-State Drive Products which have a minimum one year warranty. 

Limitations on our lifetime warranty
Warranty only covers mechanical failure. If the product has failed because of misuse or natural disaster, we will not replace. For example, if your computer is struck by lightening and burns up, you can not make us replace the charred memory.
Warranty is not transferable. For example, if you give the memory to a bro, they can not claim the warranty. All warranty claims must follow our return procedure.

SSD Warranty
Crucial SSD products have a 5 year warranty backed by Micron the 2nd largest memory manufacturer in the world. All Crucial product is sourced directly from the authorised distributors. All product warranties are guaranteed by the manufacturer via their representatives, basically if you have trouble with us you can complain to Micron Consumer Products and they will sort it out!

Flash Warranty
All flash products have a 1 year warranty by Upgradeable. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties. To claim extended warranties, the product must be returned to the manufacturer. Why does flash have a limited warranty? Flash memory has a limited read write cycles. Eventually it will wear out, but not in a year. With normal use, flash memory should work for 5 years. All warranty claims must follow our return procedure.

Money Back Guarantee

  • You can return any product purchased from Upgradeable for a full refund, within 14 days of receipt of your order. Conditions Apply. 
  • 14 days is a guide not a strict cut off point. Have a good excuse, be nice and give us a call, we'll sort it out.
  • All refunds are made via the same payment method as the original purchase.
  • Review our Support Portal if you are experiencing difficulties installing your computer memory upgrade.

Limitations of Money Back Guarantee
Product must be returned in original condition. We understand if it has been used but we will not accept back product if it has been misused or damaged.

All 14 day guarantee claims must follow our return procedure

Will an Upgradeable product void my computer's warranty?

Using a memory upgrade from Upgradeable does NOT void your computer's warranty. It is illegal to void or cancel a warranty because a buyer has used a third party product.
When you purchased your computer or electronic device the law states: that as a buyer you have statutory rights or an implied warranty. These legal warranties cannot be excluded or modified by a manufacturer or retailer. Need more information? See Consumer Guarantees Act

Dead on Arrival (DOA) 

If the upgrade does not work?
If the upgrade does not work, call or email our office. Do not waste you time trying to solve it by yourself. We are specialists in this area and can quickly identify the problem. We never assume you are the problem.

What happens if your memory upgrade arrives DOA? It is every buyers fear, buying an upgrade that does not work. First thing to do is call our office. They will run through a procedure to identify the problem. If we are at fault, 99% of the time we will issue an RA number and ship out replacement product with a return label so you don't have to pay the cost of returning the upgrade. Once you have confirmed the new product works, put the faulty product in the supplied box and return label, drop it at your local post office, and it is all done. We do not do many DOA replacements each year, but we do make it that easy.


There are a few risks that should be explained.
Paying via credit card. Our website uses Shopify. Everything is hosted by Shopify, they are level One PCI Compliant. This is the highest rating that can be obtained.
You can read about their compliance here.
Shopify is one of the most secure systems because it is SAAS. All security is provided by Shopify. Unlike Wordpress and Magento stores, they are self hosted, which means the security is the responsibility of the website owner.
Our SSL is provided by Shopify.
If you phone through your credit card details, if they are recorded, all material with these details are destroyed. We do not keep credit card details.
Shopify does not give us access to credit card numbers online.

Installation risks
Whenever you upgrade hardware or software on a computer there is a risk of something going wrong. You must back up the important files on your computer or risk losing them. We are not responsible for the lack of your back up procedures.