Upgradeable has a few ways for customers to give feedback.

The main reason we ask for reviews is to improve our service and also make sure customers are completely satisfied. If you need an issue resolved please contact us directly and not through one of our review services. Some of these services are anonymous, so if you have a problem we want to help, and we can not do that if you are anonymous.

Our customer service policy is simple: Upgradeable wants to provide excellent service that is simple and does not frustrate you the customer. We stock what we sell, we try to ship next day for all orders. We maintain a phone line direct to our staff to help with all questions. Everything from pre-sales to installation problems. We don't have restocking fees, it is not hard to return upgrades for replacement or refund.

Unfortunately, sometimes there is a problem with an order. We don't avoid these problems, we try to fix them as fast and efficiently as we can. What is important to you the customer, is we resolve this as best as we can. We are very contactable, email, phone or customer review. We act on feedback, if we can improve our system so it does not happen again we will. If you give us a high rating and a good review, there are lots of high fives in the office.

The Upgradeable Team