500GB OWC Aura Pro 6G SSD and cloning kit for MacBook Air 2010-2011


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If you want to clone your current SSD in your MacBook Air and replace it with a new SSD, then this is the kit you need.
Don't throw away your old SSD, reuse it with the Envoy enclosure as a Time Machine backup or super-fast portable USB drive.





Upgrade Kit with SSD, Installation Tools, & Envoy Enclosure for Easy Data Transfer/Original Drive Reuse
Designed for Mac
Once again, OWC provides Mac users an upgrade path that delivers phenomenal performance, functionality, and reliability! Whether it's for a base-model 11-inch MacBook Air from 2010 with a 64GB SSD, the top of the line 13-inch 256GB model from 2011, or any model in between, an OWC Aura Pro 6G SSD is the best enhancement for the MacBook Air. Just like other OWC upgrades, we include a free 'how-to' video to make this an easy and money-saving DIY upgrade.
More Speed, More Capacity for MacBook Air
OWC Aura Pro SSDs provide a noticeable increase in performance over the factory SSDs for all MacBook Air models:
  • Increase capacity up to 16x the 11-inch base models
  • Increase capacity up to 8x the 13-inch base models
  • MacBook Air (2011) - Get 6G speeds up to 530MB/s, 2.5x faster than factory original*
  • MacBook Air (2010) - Get 3G speeds up to 275MB/s, 1.3x faster than factory original*
Better by Design
OWC redesigned its 3rd generation of OWC Aura Pro 6G SSDs with premium 3D NAND Flash and the latest controller technology to operate cooler and consume less power, resulting in improved battery life for your MacBook Air. OWC SSDs are engineered to be the best for Mac, undergoing a rigorous multi-stage lab testing process to deliver absolute reliability at maximum performance long into the future.
  • SLC caching algorithm accelerates burst performance
  • Global wear leveling algorithm automatically distributes data evenly and manages program/erase count, maximizing SSD lifespan
  • Data refresh technology ensures data integrity, gradually refreshing data across the SSD over time
  • ECC protection combines LDPC hard and soft decoding with advanced algorithm to detect and correct errors throughout the entire SSD data path
  • Advanced security protocols support AES 128/256-bit full-drive encryption

Everything You Need, Ready for Installation
Two items you need are included in the kit:
Screwdriver kit: Phillips 00, Torx T5 (Pentalobe)
Envoy USB 3.0 portable SSD enclosure for MacBook Air

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Our tech team, based in Sydney, and the Apple technicans we work with around Australia are upgrading and cloning SSDs everyday. Real world experience with macOS and Apple hardware. We encounter and solve problems everyday so you don't have too. Yes we answer the phone, and we are happy to provide technical help for all our customers, you can speak to an upgrade specialist who is based in Australia. We have also condensed all that knowledge into our online guides. They are there to help you answer questions you may before and after you have made your purchase. You can use those guides, without having to be one of our customers. It is our way of us saying thank you to the Apple community who have supported us over the years. 

The Upgradeable Macbook Air SSD upgrade guide  



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